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“What is customer service for you”

Consultant at Oxera

3 Mar 2011

“It was a subquestion regarding an aspect of economic regulation. I might have found it more difficult due to my lack of exposure to the field.”

“You have three doors, behind one there is a prize. You choose door A, after that I ll tell you that behind door B there is no prize, do yuo keep your choice or change it ?”

“Why do you want to come to Prophet”

“Challenges in the role.”

“perception of the people offfice and work culture”

“was not really a Q and A interview”

“How do you take care of cost and profitability in your projects”

“The most difficult part for me was the unexpected question of how the case study solutions arrived at during the team task would be supported once the project had been implemented.”

“Previous experience. I had very little previously, and this lost me the job opportunity”

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