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“How to go about setting the receiver pressure in a distillation column.”

“Depends on section of company to which you have applied. Good knowledge of Zeolites helped for the Getters department.”

“Where in the periodic table, would you find elements with the largest atoms?”

“Why do you want to join Alcimed?”

“You don't have any relevant experience at all; why should we employ you?”

“Some would view your answer regarding the present oil environment as being quite arrogant considering your age, how do you respond to that?”

“If the current market is in contango and you are short are you losing money or making money?”

Consultant at Alcimed

12 Jul 2014

“Present these slides”

“How would you build a production lab from scratch?”

Intern at 3M

1 Feb 2010

“Why do you want work for 3M?”

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