Inside Sales Interview Questions

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“No questions should be too difficult if you have a good idea of what your prospective employer does, know your own history and how you can add value to the company!”

“You will be provided several competency based questions and role plays including trying to get past a PA to speak with a decision maker even though you would not be expected to do this in the role…”

“Just general interview questions.nothing impossible to answer or be less prepared for. All expected questions only.”

“SAP is a consultative company, make sure toask a lot of qustions and come across inquisitive.”

“Be prepared for a competency based task.”

“What is your knowledge of IT? This is the question that lead to my dismissal, although I was told there was no need of showing any technical knowledge, the interviewer started asking about servers…”

“They asked me to describe a situation from my previous role where I did not succeed. Describing a problem, the steps i took to overcome and the result of my choices. It was tough to decide what…”

“I wasn't expecting NO questions at the prearranged telephone interview!”

“Can you tell us about a time where you have failed at something?”

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