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Nov 19, 2011

Interview Question for Human Resources Analyst at UBS:

“Don't recall -- nothing overly challenging”

Jun 09, 2013

Interview Question for Sales Associate at Zara:

“What do you know about Inditex?”

Oct 09, 2009

Interview Question for Bid Manager at Selex Galileo:

Jun 09, 2013

Interview Question for Business Development Manager at GlobalData:

“Mid conversation I was requested to sell a washing machine.”

Nov 11, 2010

Interview Question for Summer Internship, Global Markets at Royal Bank of Scotland International:

“You are doing a Phd in Statistics, why do u want to work as a trader but not a quants”

Feb 20, 2011

Interview Question for Business Manager at Chequepoint:

“irrelevant questions”

Feb 18, 2014

Interview Question for Finance Intern at GE Healthcare:

“Tell me about your life in the form of a story”

Oct 17, 2012

Interview Question for Animator at Jagex:

“Alot of questions about what I thought of the company, after working their for a few weeks the reasons for these became clear (see the reviews of this employer).”

Mar 11, 2014

Interview Question for Systems IP Design and Verification Graduate at ARM Holdings:

“Decode a CMOS transistor diagram (complex)”

Jan 19, 2012

Interview Question for Senior Java Developer at Corporacion en Investigacion Tecnologica e Informatica:

“General about past job”

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