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Trader at Commerzbank

12 Mar 2012

“How to hedge an at-the-money digital call by vanilla options?”

“What is your experience of Citrix?”

“What can you bring to this company”

“Can you give N example of when something you did did not go according to plan.”

Trader at Commerzbank

12 Jul 2014

“A client has got £10M now. His son is 13. He wants to give him 10M£ in 5 years guaranteed. So the bank suggest him to enter a simple structured product with a ZCB and digital option.

Which would…”

“Why compliance and not law
And being able to work with senior and how would you approach people from other departments”

“Reason for Capital Buffer requirements for Basel iii”

“Sell this Pen to me”

“The prioritisation exercise can be a little tricky. Make sure to explain your reasoning and means of communication thoroughly, rather than worry about whether the work is correctly prioritised.”

“No formal review as at the time it was very 'internal' and no formal questions were asked”

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