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“Previous experience. I had very little previously, and this lost me the job opportunity”

“explain difficult situation with your customer”

“How much were you earning in your jobs over the last three years?”

“(group interview) 60 seconds on why you would be a successful recruitment consultants.”

“What is your recruitment strategy?”

“Why are you here? *said with a smile”

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“the role play, gave you no time to prepare, and in their head they had an idea of the 'imaginary candidate' but you only get a 10 second background on the person - impossible. Dont they know…”

Recruiter at Gnodal

12 Jul 2010

“How many hours do you think it will take you to complete the search?”

“How would I go and build relationships with Hiring Managers who are very demanding in results and have huge expectations?”

“Would you consider yourself as a money motivated individual?”

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