Sales and Trading Interview Questions

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“Given four number 7 and one number 1, make it equal to 100 using only + - * / and ().
In the presentation, I was given a summary article on market condition. I was then asked to present to a senior…”

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“Do u prefer to be a leader or a follower?”

“Compute 15/32 in memory”

“How would you invest 1m dollars?”

“Sell me ITG. Got confused at the start and stuck in the middle but the interviewer was very comforting and made me feel at ease.”

“how many windows are in this building.”

“what is FTSE 100 trading at the moment?”

“'Evaluate Amazon'”

“brainteasers( how many passengers pass from city airport on monday mornings etc etc)
technical (arbitrage, market making etc)”

“A natural disaster occurs in Manhattan. What impact does this have?”

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