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Trainee Recruitment COnsultant Interview Questions

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“Assume that in 6 months down the line things haven't quite materialised to what you expected or maybe you are not bringing the results in, what is Plan B?”

“What is stopping you getting the role you want in recruitment?”

“Describe a time when you over excelled in your personal life and how could you adapt this to recruitment?”

“The most challenging aspect is the presentation.”

“(group interview) 60 seconds on why you would be a successful recruitment consultants.”

“What do you expect to earn here?”

“You don't seem like a natural salesperson.”

“where do you expect to be in six months time?”

“why hays?
How do you use communication effectively?
Tell me a time where you had to build a rapport with someone.”

“What do you expect to achieve in your first 6 months?”

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