Waitress Interview Questions

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“sell your favourite drink to me.”

“Have you had experience for this job? And why you think you better to suit in this position?”

“'What would your personality bring to Fridays, how would you fit in?'”

“The most difficult for me was a task aimed at checking the dexterity in handling the cutlery, but I was not expected to be perfect at it from that moment and I received more then enough help…”

Waitress at Pizza Hut

26 Aug 2014

“How would you put your personal skills to good use whilst serving customers”

“There were no difficult questions, interview took around 4 min”

“Previous work experience”

“What would you do if a customer refused to pay?”

Waitress at Harrods

25 May 2014

“How do you see you in the next ten years”

“What catering experience do you have?”

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