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Summer Intern at Accenture

Pros - Extremely good teaching and support. Managers of all levels are extremely helpful and willing to answer questions. They…

Summer Intern – reviewed 10 days ago


203 reviews

Team Manager

Pros - Great people to work with

Team Manager – reviewed 11 days ago


2,508 reviews

Good work for hard-working people

Pros - Rewards for performance rather than according to position. Excellent learning possibilities internally as well…

Web Developer – reviewed 20 days ago

Interviewing at BAE Systems UK

Simple competency based interview, nothing tricky, 30mins to one hour. Nothing… Read Interview

Apr 01, 2014 in London, England

Interview Question:
Regular - greatest weakness

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Interviewing at Rolls-Royce

An relatively easy online application process. Answered only two behavioral… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Technical interview requires a very good…

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Interviewing at Markit

Progressed from 3 phone interviews to 4 30 minute 1-2-1 interviews. Communication… Read Interview

Interview Question:
No unexpected / curved ball questions.

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