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BAE Systems UK

109 reviews

Pride and passion

Pros - Paternal and caring even when times are tough. Investment in people and excellent benefits when you look at pension…

Human Resources Representative — reviewed 30+ days ago


247 reviews

Fun, great place to work although cost consciousness becoming tiring

Pros - Great facilities, spirit, opportunities, culture good. Excellent office site, tolerance for work life balance, options…

Employee – reviewed 10 days ago

Great for graduates, but not competitive as you advance

Pros - Great team culture, unique challenges and you get to work with some very talented people. Personal development…

Employee – reviewed 20 days ago

Interviewing at Vodafone

was ok interview, they ask a lot of in depth personality and performance based… Read Interview

Apr 01, 2014 in Newbury, England

Interview Question:
where do you want to be in 20 years time?

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Interviewing at RBS Global

One on one interview, mostly competency based questions no right or wrong answer… Read Interview

Jul 01, 2010 in Edinburgh, Scotland

Interview Question:
Tell me of a time you did sometime that someone…

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Interviewing at BNY Mellon

1 phone interview (screening) 1 face to face interview 1 Maths test Phone… Read Interview

Mar 01, 2010 in Manchester, England

Interview Question:
How would you deal with conflict in the workplace?

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