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Great company to work for

Pros - -Fun, vibrant -Amazing offices in London -Good people, team spirit -Discount on hotels and deals -Great opportunity…

Senior Recruiter — reviewed 22 hours ago


588 reviews

Friendly atmosphere, dedicated people and caring superiors; I enjoyed working for Barclays Internal Audit.

Pros - People are awesome here. Loved working for them; the only reason I left was to move abroad. Great exposure to the whole…

Manager – reviewed 3 days ago


3,894 reviews

Exciting and fun

Pros - Experience good look on CV

Apple Retail Specialist – reviewed 15 days ago

Interviewing at FactSet

Online Application, 3 Online Tests (Maths, Simple Excel functions, Finance Multiple… Read Interview

London, England

Interview Question:
If not from a finance background, study…

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Interviewing at Royal Bank of Scotland International

Went through a list of questions, such as competency questions, market news, hobbies… Read Interview

Interview Question:
how to cut cakes to 8 pieces within 3 cuts

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Interviewing at Bank of America

Contact was through an agency. Interview was based in Chester office UK, to which I… Read Interview

Jul 01, 2014 in Chester, England

Interview Question:
I was told my interview would be competency based…

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