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Barista- good part time job.

Pros - good and relaxed atmosphere, friendlly team (mostly), pleasant customers (again, mostly!), free coffee!

Barista - Starbucks – reviewed 14 days ago

Northern Trust

512 reviews

Kind of boring considering the amount of money being processed.

Pros - Conservative and safe company to work for.

Consultant – reviewed 23 days ago

Morgan Stanley

1,709 reviews

Great place to learn

Pros - Great place to learn finance skills

Analyst – reviewed 6 days ago

Interviewing at J.P. Morgan

Apply online through the career website. If shortlisted, Round 1: 2 30 minute… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Each interviewer has a questionnaire…

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Interviewing at Starbucks

Was a sign in the shop asking for staff and to ask someone. They said print off the… Read Interview

Sep 01, 2014

Interview Question:
Some of the questions on the sheet were hard as I…

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Interviewing at BAE Systems UK

I filled in the online application form and was contacted by email two days later… Read Interview

Oct 01, 2014

Interview Question:
How will this internship help you with your…

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