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Merrill Lynch

1,192 reviews

Great working atmosphere, easy going people.

Pros - Great üplace to work, open minded people, very intellingent and good mannered. The work was good and oersonal

Pivate Equity Executive — reviewed 30+ days ago


2,163 reviews

Software Engineer

Pros - Location and Experience are very good.

Employee – reviewed 17 days ago

BAE Systems UK

115 reviews

an organisation that gives lots of opportunities career wise

Pros - Flexible working pattern, level of trust, training opportunities.

APM Business Improvement Specialist – reviewed 13 days ago

Interviewing at L'Oréal

Initial contact about assessment interview, was by email after completing the… Read Interview

London, England

Interview Question:
None technical interview as I did not get through…

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Interviewing at EY

Online application, psychometric tests, this was situational first then numerical… Read Interview

London, England

Interview Question:
There was a lot of questions to get through, and…

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Interviewing at Bloomberg L.P.

Phone interview was quite basic, as already described. In-house was structured in… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Why would Tesco use our terminal? Who would you…

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