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Northern Trust

464 reviews

Good and getting better

Pros - Culture, access to senior management, rewards for achievement

Second Vice President — reviewed 30+ days ago

Procter & Gamble

1,905 reviews

Excellent company to work for

Pros - Flexible working, laid back management style, encourage personal development, great staff shop!

Cash Manager — reviewed 30+ days ago

Bloomberg L.P.

1,116 reviews

Great company to start your career

Pros - Great company to start as a your professional as opportunity to learn and develop yourself is incredible. Flat…

Employee — reviewed 1 day ago

Interviewing at Imperial College London

The key point is to build up your real interest in the position, do the research on… Read Interview

Mar 01, 2014 in London, England

Interview Question:
Most of questions were based on the nature of the…

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Interviewing at Vodafone

was ok interview, they ask a lot of in depth personality and performance based… Read Interview

Apr 01, 2014 in Newbury, England

Interview Question:
where do you want to be in 20 years time?

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Interviewing at Bloomberg L.P.

There are four stages to apply for this role: 1. Online Application 2. Telephone… Read Interview

Jul 01, 2014 in London, England

Interview Question:
What research have you done lately? What is the…

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