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People focused company

Pros - GSK is a very people focused enjoyable place to work. The office in Brentford is amazing! The culture is the best…

National Account Manager – reviewed 2 days ago


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Awful Place

Pros - The canteen is quite good

Employee – reviewed 4 days ago


2,367 reviews


Pros - Great exposure to electronics tool development

Electronics and Sensor – reviewed 14 days ago

Interviewing at Royal Bank of Scotland

First round: HR telephone interview, basically has two parts. The first 30 minutes… Read Interview

Jan 01, 2014 in London, England

Interview Question:
Role play interview includes questions where the…

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Interviewing at Foot Locker

It wasn't really an interview, I got the impression I was already hired based on my… Read Interview

Nov 01, 2009 in North Watford, England

Interviewing at Hewlett-Packard

Most new sales reps are supplied by an agency and given an onsite interview. If you… Read Interview

Erskine, Scotland

Interview Question:
You will be provided several competency based…

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