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Merrill Lynch

1,152 reviews

Great working atmosphere, easy going people.

Pros - Great üplace to work, open minded people, very intellingent and good mannered. The work was good and oersonal

Pivate Equity Executive — reviewed 30+ days ago

BNP Paribas

411 reviews

A competitive yet friendly working environment

Pros - Great interaction between departments, big focus on cooperation. Relaxed, flat hierarchy. Opportunities to move…

Trader – reviewed 10 days ago


335 reviews

Great place to be

Pros - Great to work as given work to do and then almost left alone to do it, no big brother watching all the time. Not stuck…

Jumper Engineer — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at Oliver Wyman

I applied for a position as Junior Consultant in June 2014 through the Oliver Wyman… Read Interview

London, England

Interview Question:
I would say the critical reasoning questions in…

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Interviewing at Bank of America

30 mintues interview. in chester . The first question was tell me about yourself or… Read Interview

Mar 01, 2014

Interview Question:
dont have one

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Interviewing at Airbus Group

The longest interview process I have ever experienced at 7 months, 3 visits to the… Read Interview

Nov 01, 2010 in Newport, Newport, Wales

Interview Question:
Give a real world example of NETCOS, such that a…

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