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1,192 reviews
Great company to work for, although suffered from poor leadership.

Pros - Great values, culture, respect for the individual, etc. Very flexible working environment, as long as the required…

Employee – reviewed 7 days ago

Morgan Stanley

1,409 reviews
Good Job for a person with a lot of time to dedicate

Pros - Flexible schedule Good base salary that lasts 3 years on a decreasing basis after year one

Employee – reviewed 14 days ago

BE Aerospace

90 reviews
Fast growing, dynamic work environment company. Chaotic at times.

Pros - Good growth with immense new opportunities. New challenges every day. Lot to learn.

Employee – reviewed 25 days ago

Interviewing at Sky

Sky Engineering Academy I applied online, and received further instructions a… Read Interview

Nov 01, 2013 in London, England

Interview Question:
There weren't any hard questions, some of the…

Interviewing at Lloyds TSB

I went to an open recruitment event to one of the branch in central London. The… Read Interview

Dec 01, 2010 in London, England

Interviewing at British Airways

Always well structured and focuses on experiences as much as qualifications. Very… Read Interview

Oct 01, 2010

Interview Question:
Uses in some cases different project management…

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