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Employer Resources: Best Places to Work

What are Glassdoor Awards?

Each year, Glassdoor celebrates outstanding employers throughout the world. The Employees' Choice Awards, based entirely on employee feedback, recognise the Best Places to Work in several countries around the world. As of 2022, Top CEOs will be suspended indefinitely as part of our awards programme. For the latest research and insights related to senior leadership and the employee experience at companies, visit Glassdoor Economic Research.

How do I submit my company for a Glassdoor Award?

It's easy. Just share a company review for your employer to be considered. And, make sure to encourage your fellow employees to do the same. The review should take no more than a few minutes to complete. Only one company review per employee is accepted each year. All reviews must meet the Glassdoor Community Guidelines.

How are Glassdoor Awards different from other "best of" lists?

Unlike other workplace awards, there is no self-nomination process and no costs involved. To win a Glassdoor Award, winners are determined based on feedback provided by those who know a company best - the employees.

How are winners of Glassdoor Awards determined?

For the Glassdoor Employees' Choice Awards honouring the Best Places to Work, award winners are determined using feedback employees have shared on Glassdoor during a 12 month eligibility period. Employees can anonymously complete and submit a company review that asks them to rate and review their employer, including providing insights into job and workplace attributes, along with qualitative feedback into the best reasons to work at their employer and what needs improvement.

Based on feedback shared during the 12 month period of eligibility, Glassdoor’s Economic Research team then applies a proprietary algorithm to each award.

See details into our most recent awards and how winners were determined:

The awards criteria for Best Places to Work in 2023 have not yet been announced. We encourage you to check back here for updates.

My company did not win a Glassdoor Award. Where can I learn more?

There may be a variety of reasons why your company did not win a Glassdoor Award. Check out our free resources related to Best Places to Work.

When is the deadline to submit reviews for the next Glassdoor Award?

Glassdoor takes into account reviews and insights from employees throughout the year, so unlike other awards, it's important to have ongoing employee feedback. The eligibility deadline to submit reviews for the Best Places to Work is late October.

When are Glassdoor Award winners announced?

Best Places to Work is scheduled to be announced in January.

I posted a review last year. Will it count toward a Glassdoor Award this year?

Glassdoor Award winners are based on annual review submissions and not cumulative contributions. Reviews submitted during the 12-month period of eligibility will be considered. Reviews submitted before the 12-month period of eligibility will not be considered, while reviews submitted after will be considered for the award next year. Previous award wins do not influence future awards.

I still have questions. Who can I contact?

Email our team at