What does a Computer Systems Analyst do?

Computer Systems Analysts work to ensure that all computer systems within an organization serve to support organizational goals. They are tasked with collaborating with colleagues to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the existing systems and identifying areas for improvement. They then take this information and design and build improved systems. Computer Systems Analysts work across a multitude of industries and generally form part of an engineering or IT team.

The majority of Computer Systems Analysts hold a bachelor's or a master's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. This qualification may be overlooked when a candidate can exemplify and equivalent level of knowledge in the field. The most successful Computer Systems Analysts are excellent critical thinkers and have superior communication skills. They must be able to find creative solutions to complex problems. Additionally, this role requires individuals who are committed to keeping up with the latest technological advances in order to ensure their organization is using the best technology available.

  • Work with other departments to determine how to support the organization with IT systems
  • Analyze and audit existing systems to identify areas for improvement
  • Mastermind and design systems that will help support organizational goals
  • Work with team members to build and implement IT systems for the the organization
  • Identify bugs and inefficiencies within existing systems and develop patches and fixes
  • Perform routine maintenance on software and hardware that compose existing systems
  • Routinely check the work order ticketing system and complete tasks in order of urgency
  • Ensure that all systems and programs are carefully documented
  • 2+ years working in a systems analyst role
  • Superior critical thinking abilities are essential to determine the needs of an organization and how to support them with IT systems
  • Must be capable of working independently with minimal oversight
  • Should have a collaborative attitude and work well as part of a team
  • Excellent communication skills are essential for explaining complicated technical processes in simple terms
  • Must have solid time management skills in order to anticipate time needed to complete projects
  • Ability to think creatively and a will to innovate
  • Demonstrate knowledge of common programming languages such as SQL, C++, Java, XML, and more
  • Willing and able to work irregular hours as needed

Average Years of Experience

0 - 1
2 - 4
5 - 7

Common Skill Sets

Linux Kernel
Operating Systems
Programming Languages
Linux Ubuntu
Microsoft Windows
Scripting Languages

Computer Systems Analyst Seniority Levels

Network Administrator
17% made the transition
Systems Administrator
23% made the transition
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Computer Systems Analyst Salaries

Average Base Pay

£36,755 /yr
Same as national average
Not including cash compensation
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Median: £37K
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