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Work/Life Balance
3.6 ★
Compensation & Benefits
3.5 ★
Career Opportunity
3.5 ★
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What do Leakage Analyst professionals have to say about their job? Read through 91K Leakage Analyst reviews for 23K companies
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Clearsight AdvisorsClearsight Advisors
4 Nov 2019

“Access to knowledgeable senior and junior leadership team members who are willing and happy to help progress your career.”

4 Mar 2021

“Awesome work place with good community and I'm very happy to startsvmy career with Deloitte.”

4 May 2021

“Good friendly happy caring yay”

22 Jul 2019

“Management quite happy to let you work for free”

Senior Analyst
27 Aug 2020

“Not much work enjoy enjoy”

21 Oct 2020

“everyone was happy to help”

30 Apr 2021

“People are always happy to chat!”

Oceaneering InternationalOceaneering International
GL Acointing Analyst
9 Jul 2019

“one can enjoy work life balance”

Top Companies for Leakage Analyst

Anglian Water
Anglian Water
4.4 ★
94 Jobs
457 Reviews
602 Salaries

We manage, supply and recycle water for the driest region in the UK. So we love every drop. We love the opportunities that come with it. Because we are redefining what a utility company can be. From delivering the highest standards of customer service to transforming the way water is valued by everyone, we work at the frontier to innovate and improve every day. There are more than 5,000 of us here at Anglian Water and over 3,000 alliance partners. All of us are passionate about putting water at the heart of a whole new way of living. Wherever you join us, you’ll be part of a fast-flowing team that’s focused on optimising every drop of our region’s water. Managing the world’s most vital resource means tackling complex engineering challenges, delivering cutting-edge research and going above and beyond for our customers. It means working together to pioneer ground-breaking solutions and game-changing strategies. It means being valued, respected and well-rewarded.

Highly rated for compensation & benefits
Bristol Water Group
Bristol Water Group
3.3 ★
5 Jobs
39 Reviews
51 Salaries

Bristol Water provides water to over a million customers in the Bristol area, this equates to over one thousand square miles and 264,000,000 litres of water supplied everyday! Since 1846, we’ve been making people healthier and the economy stronger. We’ve served generations of families and will serve generations to come. We don’t just give people water. We keep them healthy and help them grow. People are the reason we work around the clock and test our water hundreds of times every day. We’re here to have a positive impact on people and the planet for generations. Without people, it’s just water. With water, families flourish, businesses grow, and people create. We’re a morning cuppa, that well-deserved bubble bath (although we’d prefer a four-minute shower), and that cold Friday pint after a long week. We’re full of colour, pride and spirit… just like our small patch of the planet. We’re local - We’ve been here for generations, we served your great-great-great grandparents (if they lived in Bristol, anyway). Almost everyone who works here, also lives in the area. We were born out of the needs of Bristolians and we’re still part of that today. So, we do what we do for ourselves, our families, our friends…our people. We’re nimble - Did you know we’re one of the smallest water companies in the UK, and we love it. It means we’re closer to people and we can do the things that matter. Being small means we can be responsive. We punch above our weight, leading the way. We show others how it’s done and have big opportunities for our staff. We’re in it together - We’re stronger when we work together. Our willingness and desire to collaborate is our secret to success. No matter how big or small a company or individual, if you share our values, we’ll want to work with you to do good. For the planet - We’re on a mission to save the planet from pollution and waste. We aim to make every bit of the environment we touch better. Bristol Water. It’s what we’re made of.

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