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What's the Best Part About Being a Shift Manager?

Here is what Shift Manager professionals have to say are their favorite part of the job or their company. There are 28K Shift Manager reviews for 6K companies.


Shift Leader25 Mar 2020

“Fun and enjoyable atmosphere to work in”


Shift Manager16 Oct 2021

“I enjoy the great coaching”


Shift Supervisor18 May 2022

“Very good opportunity I am happy”

Dunkin' Donuts

Shift Supervisor25 May 2021

“Friendly outgoing enjoy working with public”


Walgreens Shift Lead24 Sept 2020

“Decent pay; enjoy the tasks”


Shift Lead17 Aug 2021

“I enjoy the extra money I make working here at McDonald”


Shift Supervisor27 Jun 2021

“I will be so happy to graduate debt free next year thanks to Starbucks!”


Shift Supervisor19 Dec 2020

“Can't make everyone happy”

Boba Guys

Shift Lead14 Dec 2021

“I enjoyed the servant leadership style they implemented.”

The White Hart

Shift Supervisor24 Jan 2021

“fun work environment and enjoyable work”

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