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"Company meeting"(in 44 reviews)
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"Work life balance"(in 33 reviews)
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"Upper management"(in 11 reviews)
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"Stay Away"25 Oct 2019

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee

I worked at 2U full-time for more than 3 years


Unlimited PTO Relaxed dress code Free snacks


2U's story is a classic one of what happens when an company values growth over profit for far too long and then realizes they have no actual path to a productive bottom line. If you follow any of... whats happened to WeWork, this is essentially the same thing. If you are seriously considering taking a job here please do your research first and take a look at what has happened to the stock price over the last year. Shares dropping from $90/share to $12/share in a 6 month period is absolutely unheard of despite how much 2U tries to normalize what happened. This financial fallout caused mass layoffs of some of the most critically important positions/employees that worked there. The CEO Chip tried to argue that the stock price had nothing to do with the layoffs but that is simply not true. If the stock hadn't dropped would you have still sacked 70+ people? Probably not. In addition to all of this, the company has been doing everything in it's power to float the stock price including C suite's buying up as much as they can, and recently handing out options to everyone still employed there. Oh also, theres multiple lawsuits out against the company right now for misleading investors.. The layoff itself was debilitating to the org and I'll be surprised if they ever fully recover from a morale and culture standpoint. Not to mention they have much more work to do now with much less of a workforce. What I found to be the most shocking about the whole thing was that the COO admitted to the fact that because 2U did such a god awful job at training and developing middle management, they had to let them all go. On top of this revelation, during the all company call later that day the CEO assured everyone that despite the layoffs nobody should worry because they will still be hosting the annual Halloween party. I truly cannot think of a worse thing for him to say in that moment, but it certainly gives you insight into his priorities. This company has been so severely financially mismanaged that they are still pouring $15 million+ into annual company meetings and parties, yet mass layoffs seemed to be the only option to get things back on track. If you really do your research you'll also find that this same CEO already has 2 failed businesses behind him, which he oddly pretends to cry about in front of the entire org on a regular basis when recounting the stories of his past and having to lay people off previously. Funny how history has repeated itself yet again... It's clear that he truly has no idea what he's doing and should not be trusted with the professional livelihoods of thousands of people. There is so much more to the story here than just what's happened in 2019. I don't have the space to put it all in writing but I encourage you to read all the Glassdoor reviews and news articles (including lawsuits) from the past few months and you'll get a glimpse of the big picture. Essentially, this place has been running on fear and a lack of strategic planning for quite some time. I can only speak to how Admissions operated and everything about the way recruiting works in that department is morally corrupt, they claim to be student first but nothing could be further from the truth. Admissions Counselors are given goals that leadership deems "aggressively achievable" (there is no real logic that goes into goaling, and most goals have to be adjusted after the cohort ends) and then put on a performance management plan if they don't hit that goal. A few things to note here- PMP plans do not work (look it up), it creates a culture of fear and forces employees to have 1 foot out the door. There were multiple times that I heard VP and above leadership say "the only reward you get for hitting your goal is keeping your job". Also, putting someones employment on the line for how effectively they can convince a prospect to take out a mountain of student debt is immoral and should be considered illegal. A few of the people I managed (and myself) had to actually seek therapy because of the stress this job caused us. My favorite part about all of this is that the head of Admissions was given a golden parachute of a new position right before the carnage of this department happened, and he was completely silent during all of it. The leadership in this department and company should be ashamed of themselves for the way they've led people astray (students, universities and employees) and truly hurt the well being of those who work for you. My biggest piece of advice is to stay as far away from this place as possible. If you really want to work in higher ed theres plenty of other companies out there to go after. Especially those considering a role in Admissions, go find a sales job where you can actually make commission and sell a product that doesn't contribute to the impending economic collapse of this country. By the way I'm not a disgruntled employee that was laid off, I left of my own choosing when I saw the ship starting to sink. I also waited almost 2 months to write this review because I wanted to carefully choose my thoughts and language.

Advice to Management

Get rid of the CEO Take goals out of Admissions or take away PMP plans Learn how to actually live out the values you so proudly advertise Treat people like humans not just numbers Figure out how... to pay your sales people fairly

Former Employee - Account Executive (Remote)

I worked at WeddingWire full-time for less than a year


Great compensation for your efforts. The remote work environment was wonderful and always felt connected to staff. Went through 2 platform changes in the 10 months I worked there and was laid off due... to merger with The Knot but experienced decent management and quality of product was great for sales.


The company is going through a major transition. In the 10 months I worked there I had 3 managers, went through 2 platform changes, and was ultimately laid off because of a merger with The Knot.

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