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13 October 2019

Does A.S. Watson Group offer employee discounts?


Superdrug discount card Some of the employees were really nice (because we shared the same pain)


Terrible management. Absolutely the WORST! Don't let you go on breaks. Force you to do overtime. Sometimes without pay. The manager 'forgot' to pay me for extra hours I did. He promised to pay me soon. I chased after him for ONE WHOLE MONTH and each time he would tell me he'll do it or he forgot. I gave up with him. FORCE you to do SAS when they know the customers don't want the items. The customers will be refusing the product on 'promotion' (it's always the same price) and you'd hear a whisper saying 'pUsH It HaRdEr Ya!' and when the customer is gone, they'd have a word with u. Don't let you pray if you're religious. Give people who hate the till, a permenant till role and the people who hate stacking the shelves, the shelves. That just makes it a less enjoyable experience for everyone apart from management, who spend their day in the staff room watching YouTube videos or on the phone, going on her '2nd break' for the 10th time. Also DO NOT! I repeat, DO NOT work there if ur a student. They treat u like you're worthless. xoxo

Advice to Management

Get new management.

Superdrug discount card

13 October 2019

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1 English question out of 1