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13 August 2021

How is management perceived at Arm?


The Benefits but these are reducing recently and undercut the industry by a large margin.


Talented people leave, what is left over is left managing and running many projects terribly. Visible Class based system, engineers are third class. Upper management earn huge pay packages and get to tell people in different continents whether or not they are "priveleged", same woke propaganda. You will struggle to afford property in the UK if you work here, their pay is stuck in a different decade. CEO rambles about politics constantly trying to defense himself against backlash from his poor decisions. In fact all upper layers of management are consolidating into the US, the usual one-size fits all american attitude then gets applied across all global regions in a one-way communication system. Company now stuck in the mud hoping to escape to NVIDIA before they realise they are purchasing a hot mess from Softbank. Really not much progression anymore due to constant hiring freezes, no backfills and limited products/projects. Despite doubling headcount Terrible managers are left to run the corporation, boys club in a lot of management. As an engineer you are micromanaged down to each hour every week whilst management spend months or years even outlining a strategy. You will spend huge % of your time in status meetings, planning meetings, and then meetings to discuss why you are not progressing your tasks, only for them to be re-planned again by the manager as they see fit. Projects no matter how small or what the product are planned 3+ years in advance by the engineers, which is then chopped up and approved by upper management who have no clue on the technology underneath. And divergence from the plan requires constant meetings and finger pointing. Criticism will hinder your progress immediately, when asked ARM is the best thing since sliced bread. To say otherwise no matter how true is heresy.

Advice to Management

If being a jobsworth is your goal in life ARM is for you. As any real engineer knows ARM doesn't even make the best ARM processors anymore, and from what I've experienced internally this is no surprise.

Terrible managers are left to run the corporation, boys club in a lot of management.

13 August 2021

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