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3 July 2019

Does ClearSky Accounting offer massages?


I have been with this company for over two years. I am struggling to find pros but I have many cons. I am disappointed in this company as they promise the world, when you start, and deliver nothing. If you apply you will almost definitely get a job. Free fruit and one sandwich each month


Salary is low compared to other companies Perks are few and mostly irrelevant KPIs are almost impossible to hit Working hours are extreme This company works for the profits of the shareholders and investment companies. They are more interested in the bottom line rather than retaining staff. This is the company to go to for learning the basics but I don't know of many who have stayed for a long career. Recently there have been many reductions in the staff, we have lost nearly half the office in recent months, but we are "still overstaffed". So where as it was difficult to complete all of your duties with more staff, it is now almost impossible. There are not many opportunities for progression and they want you to spend your life thinking about the company. Even in my contract it states " during your employment you will, unless prevented by illness, devote the whole of your time, attention and abilities to the business of the company." Home time is no time. Stong advice would be to stay away as they will take everything they can and give little to nothing back.

Advice to Management

Think, do you want to retain staff or have more dividends? If the later the former will not happen. If the former then the later will happen due to the hard work your staff will put in. I know the management team won't take this on board so I implore you to think of yourself first and not work here. Six month business view. I think they will still be here but...

Free fruit and one sandwich each month

3 July 2019

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