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Computershare has a Senior Management rating of 2.9, and Stuart Irving, the CEO of Computershare, has an approval rating of 75% across the organisation.

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1 July 2020

How are senior leaders perceived at Computershare?


Company gives back to local and worldwide charities. Insurance benefits offered are decent. Trainers are great, many of the employees are really nice people.


Very difficult to get time off when needed, even for doctor appointments. Attendance policy makes any unscheduled absence count against you for corrective action even if you bring in a doctor note because it was a true emergency. In addition, calling out on a Monday regardless of the reason counts as two absences. Being more than 5 minutes late even if you call ahead counts the same as as an absence. Not enough breaks, get a 30 min lunch and a 15 min break for an 8.5 hour shift. There is no room for growth unless you are buddies with senior management. Sick and vacation time come from the same allotment so you can easily use all of your vacation time if you have an illness that lasts more than a few days. No PTO can roll over to the next year. PTO accrues throughout the course of the year and cannot be drawn upon in advance which means if you get really sick in February but you haven’t earned the time yet, you may not get paid for all your time off. Not worth the time I put into it. I loved the company until I took this position and it was not what I expected. The company does not care about providing good service, all they care about is wrapping up every call in 6 minutes or less and then they wonder why there are so many complaints.

Advice to Management

Nothing because they don’t listen anyway.

There is no room for growth unless you are buddies with senior management.

1 July 2020

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