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Deutsche Bahn has a culture and values rating of 3.7.

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20 August 2020

What is the company culture like at Deutsche Bahn?


Nothing much except the brand name of Germany


1) No work life balance 2) No work ethics 3) No training and guidance 4)Yelling and shouting against employees like fish market 5)Lack of corporate culture 6) Appeasement of few and discriminating others 7) More poiltics, less work 8) If you work on weekends, then only you are working.Intentionally working on saturday is one issue.

Advice to Management

1) The management is in a state of brain wash where they see Indians lack character or discipline (Shockingly this feeling is more in Indian management than Germany) 2) Posting or badmouthing India in Linkedin by higher officials is wrong. Identifying the faults and solving it are much more important than targeting individuals on social media. It proves the pettiness of management. 3) Stop stereotyping people and start identifying potential and how to use an employee. 4) Lack of positivity and being surrounded by toxic people is one of the problem. 5) A corporate company should have a policy based approach and not emotional rants. 6) An office is an office, its not home. It is better to be close to family than getting emotionally involved in office issues and expecting other employees to stay whole day in office. Finally A CEO or a head of a company is the ambassador of a country. "It is important to choose a learned disciplined, silent and driven leader for a company's success. "Show business , rants, can ruin the company anytime"

5)Lack of corporate culture

20 August 2020

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