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18 July 2021


- Diverse range of clients and projects - Opportunities for travel - Flexible workplace


- Upper management is shocking - driven by egos, money-hungry and a finger pointing culture - If you're not a white male who plays video games, good luck fitting in or being recognised for your work - Promotions are largely based on friendships and cliques with management - A lack of onboarding and other HR processes means staff turnover is high - Cosmetic results and inflated statistics to look good to a client is encouraged, leading to an intense workplace - Salaries are very low in comparison to competitiors

Advice to Management

Invest into robust HR processes and a training budget. Improve staff turnover invest into your workforce, quantity of employees does NOT equal quality - especially if they don't stick around

A lack of onboarding and other HR processes means staff turnover is high Read More

18 July 2021

Reviewed by: PR/Marketing (Former Employee)

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