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Lighthouse International Group Career Development FAQ

Read what Lighthouse International Group employees think about career development at the company. Employees have questions about everything from promotions and mentoring to job security.

Lighthouse International Group has a career opportunities rating of 4.8.

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How are the career development opportunities at Lighthouse International Group?

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27 August 2021


I joined Lighthouse International having already been a client for almost 4 years which meant I already had strong relationships with the rest of the team and had experienced the impact of our work first-hand in my own life and career prior to joining. Everyone in the team has been a client before joining and so is a firm believer in the aims and objectives of our work. Throughout my time as both a client and a member of the team I have been actively encouraged to develop a vision of what I want for my life and business. My role involves mentoring, coaching and counselling which means I have my own mentors who are being mentored themselves. For instance, I have been mentored by Chris Nash, who is a Senior Director at Lighthouse International and Chris is mentored by Lighthouse International Chairman Paul Waugh. What I feel is unique to Lighthouse International is that everyone in the Lighthouse International team is being mentored in order to maintain the integrity of our work. Through my 9 years of being involved full-time, I have been supported through a number of personal and professional challenges. The most notable being the loss of my mum last year. I had the most incredible support through this time from my mentor and those around me. This was not an isolated case; every member of the team has access to incredible and unprecedented levels of support to handle challenges in all aspects of their lives, not just ones in the workplace. I personally know of no other organisation to be so committed to the holistic health and wellbeing of the people involved; including partners and clients.


Every member of the team is encouraged to realise more and more of their potential; to grow and develop to be the best person they can possibly be. This requires a lot of self-examination which is not for the faint-hearted! We can’t grow and develop without a degree of struggle, suffering and facing inconvenient truths. For me personally the biggest challenge has been learning how to care for myself and others when I didn’t learn how to do that growing up. I’ve been held accountable to hold higher standards for myself and my work which has really stretched me. Self-development is something that many people feel uncomfortable with and so it has been challenging to explain what I do to others. At times I’ve even found myself being judged and criticised by family and friends for wanting to develop myself in order to make a difference in the world. This has not always been easy to deal with.

hand in my own life and career prior to joining.

27 August 2021

Reviewed by: Associate Partner in London, England (Current Employee)

1 English review out of 1

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