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Megger Senior Leadership FAQ

Read what Megger employees think about senior leadership and the CEO at the company.

Megger has a Senior Management rating of 3.3, and Jim Fairbairn, the CEO of Megger, has an approval rating of 93% across the organisation.

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7 September 2021

How are senior leaders perceived at Megger?


They pay you for working there The view is good if you work in an office Tea and coffee are free for manufacturing staff You get a bacon roll sometimes


Too much time spent on superficial and irrelevant activities. Top heavy management especially at Group level. Micromanagement. The company used to care, now it just has a policy which states that it cares. Leadership and immediate reports with nothing to do and no ability or understanding, trying to justify their existence creating a massive workload for those who have too much to do already. Ageism is rife. People with practical ability are not valued. Spreadsheet jockeys and bean counters rule. Wages are barely above the minimum legally permitted unless of course you work in an office or are on the senior leadership team. Culture of overwork. Good performance is rarely recognised in the case of people who really deserve it. Senior leadership and some elements of HR take credit for the efforts of others and create excessive workload including for those within HR. Sales department is aggressive with Engineering and Production and do not understand about the practical difficulties involved in designing and building products. Senior leadership keeps recruiting spreadsheet jockeys in its own image. They don't understand anything else and they certainly don't understand the business of test and measurement. Manufacturing and Engineering are frequently put in the impossible position of having to resolve the consequences of poor decisions made by group directors. Decent people have been forced out and replaced by patronising, platitudinal and cliche wielding non-entities. "It's a journey", " How did that make you feel?", "Company Values"!, "We are Caring!!!!!", " We are Captivating"- A notable success- it feels like a prison. There are exceptions but they are being thinned out. It has turned into a cult. No push back is allowed. Big Brother rules. Quote- "You're either on the bus or you're not" CEO circa 2018 Empty vessels make the most noise. And there is plenty of noise.

Advice to Management

I defer to their greater knowledge and ability because they won't listen to people who have experience and know what they are doing.

Wages are barely above the minimum legally permitted unless of course you work in an office or are on the senior leadership team.

7 September 2021

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