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28 January 2020

How is management perceived at Oliver James?


Social aspects - however, if you do not drink alcohol, you will not fit in Nice office Nothing else


THEY PAY THEIR EXISTING EMPLOYEES TO LEAVE POSITIVE REVIEWS Salary Commission Very high turn over rate - I saw somebody "removed" from a business within 48 hours Culture is not at all transparent - you are most probably told you are doing well, but berated in management meetings Management Everything that you are told in the interviews (high salaries, large commission structure, management support, Directors offering support and guidance etc. are) are all false. Their internal recruitment team are a joke, they look to place people who are young and starting their career into their company to up their own numbers and gain commission without the thought of their own company culture. This company treats you like farm animals, expected to work every hour under the sun, if you are 1 minute late you are immediately given the cold shoulders and asked for "2 minutes" even if your train was cancelled/delayed. You are expected to get an earlier train, which for some people, may be 6:30am. I have seen some very good associates, consultants and even managers leave this "growing" business due to the way they treat their employees. You are micro-managed every single minute of the day, not by your direct manager, but by the Directors. They pull your KPI's up weekly, and ask why you have not made your 150 calls a day and spent 4 hours on the phone (this is no joke). If you want to be successful, apparently these are the KPI's you have to hit...? KPI's are scrutinised weekly, expectations to spam high volumes of low quality emails with CVs attached to businesses that never want to hear from you is the norm. Apparently this also gets results??? And they wonder why they have very few strong relationships with companies and since I was there, I have seen them be removed from many PSL's and even blacklisted - but apparently doing the activity which is forced, builds relationships... Advice to graduates - if you are seriously looking at getting into recruitment - this company is not a true representative of what good recruitment companies are - yes they have a nice office with some good summer parties and Christmas parties (if you are a heavy drinker) but that is all they have to offer. Please look elsewhere if you want a serious career.

Advice to Management

Advice to Jimmie and Ollie, stop prioritising your very few 1 million pound billers (which were made from existing accounts and never new business in one given market) and start looking at other up and coming individuals that will help a stagnating business grow.

you are most probably told you are doing well, but berated in management meetings

28 January 2020

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