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Does Qlik have a pension plan?

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6 June 2020


Great product, vision and strategy. Flexible hours, freedom under responsibility Knowledgeable and helpful employees Good benefits; pension, insurances and vacation days


Qlik (Lund) has been ranked as one of the top employers in the country and it showed in good benefits and all the pros listed above. Since I started 4 years ago, however, I have yet to see anything positive given back to the employees during good times. Mostly anything "given back" to the employees is in the form of new hires/contractors or buying more companies which effectively increases the value of the company or makes the employees more efficient, but in practice it does not give any benefits back to the employees for their hard work. On the contrary when times are tougher and the profit targets are not met I have experienced the leadership cutting costs and taking back from the employees instead (several times!!). Everything to sustain the value of the company. The employees at Qlik are knowledgable, helpful and gets things done. I however have a hard time trusting the current leadership to drive the company towards anything other than maximum profits for our owners short term; even if that means making it a bad place to work. I think Qlik is a good place to work at during good times, but as soon as things get hard it's "their way or the highway". Leadership also does not at all seem open to discussions around feedback and improving from a bad situation, but rather responds with threats to get things done their way.

Advice to Management

If there was any longevity included in the calculations of how to maximzie the profits of the company, hopefully keeping the employees happy by being a bit more responsive and humble instead of fully authoritarian would net you some profits over time. Admitting taking rash decisions is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of clarity and insight, and perhaps it would sometimes be good to pause to gain clarity in your tracks of moving too fast.

Good benefits; pension, insurances and vacation days

6 June 2020

Reviewed by: Software Engineer in Lund, Skåne (Current Employee)

1 English review out of 1