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28 January 2021

How is management perceived at Quick Release?


Earnest attempts at: diversity, fair business practices, open/ honest management, and open book accounting. Some of the managers are solid people working extremely hard to push the business in the right direction, who genuinely care about their employees and the stated beliefs of the business. The employees are generally incredibly high caliber&consistently blow away expectations with their performance (&just generally being very cool people).


Management overall still comes across as shady. Promotion is more about who you know and how much you’re liked rather than if you’re qualified. The bar is constantly changing as to who can apply for what, and when depending on if management’s favourite is ready to apply or not. Management consistently breaks promises, and slights employees for reasons that are thin at best, all the while pushing a “family” atmosphere. The salary is not enough to compensate for the volume of work you’re expected to do, and while “culture” used to make up for a lot of what the company lacks in upward mobility& development, in lockdown that has completely disappeared. Now it’s just long hours, mundane work, & mediocre pay. You can earn a lot more doing the exact same work for client companies&there has been a lot of leakage from Quick Release in precisely that direction.

Advice to Management

Practice what you preach, stop promoting blatantly unqualified people who have never even taken a management course in their life, much less managed a team, just because of seniority or you “need a manager”. It does nobody any good to have somebody you call a manager that has zero idea how to perform the role& was just excited about a pay increase.

Earnest attempts at: diversity, fair business practices, open/ honest management, and open book accounting.

28 January 2021

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