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31 October 2023


-Hybrid working - Barista in the building


—A small company with about 50 employees but having worked there for 3 months at least 7 people have left .Two of which being the C-suite level and for a small company that is saying something - Worked in a sales role for 3 months and commission and the structure of how commission works was not spoken about once. Which is absurd. You would think as it is part of your employment package it would be spoken about as it is an incentive. When I mentioned this to my manager after 3 months I was informed that the higher ups ‘have not yet decided on the commission structure’ - simple professionalism would be to at least let people know this is the case rather than try to avoid a talk around commission it genuinely felt like there was no commission to give. - Half of the ‘warm’ leads you are expected to contact to generate new business don’t have contact numbers and if they do the number is outdated, or you are expected to search for their number via other means such as calling their company reception etc etc - When joining the company I was expected to sell new business with some terrible and outdated leads but for some reason the company would not take accountability understanding that it is not easy generating new business when the leads are poor. - Lack of a good CRM - you are not able to view or see majority of the things a sales rep would need to leverage a sales pitch to perspective or existing clients such as usage statistics - The office atmosphere is extremely lacking. It genuinely feels like a library / exam hall in the office. Never any conversations going on and if they are they are all work related. No banter. No laughter. Just the sounds of keyboards typing away. - The office is in a we work building but you are not allowed to work anywhere else in the building that isn’t the immediate office. Which is a huge shame as the office is always dead quiet and you can’t make use of We Works (very nice btw) communal areas - I’m pretty sure my manager had access to my work email inbox as It was said one time in passing that I had sent ‘x’ number of emails out within a certain time frame. Felt very uncomfortable hearing that as it’s definitely a form of micromanagement. - In my first week when getting to know fellow colleagues I was shocked to find out that around 70% of people are new to the company. Although the company is growing it also signifies the frequency at which people join and leave. - Have I already mentioned the high level turnover rate of the company?! -Weekly team meetings are genuinely quite pointless

Advice to Management

- Advice A lot management - product isn’t as good as you think it is - There is no company culture it is not fun to be in the office if it’s dead silent all the time it is hard to create a culture where people seem to leave often. - commuting into the office 3 times a week to sit in a libraryesque environment all day seems pointless

In my first week when getting to know fellow colleagues I was shocked to find out that around 70% of people are new to the company. Read More

31 October 2023

Reviewed by: Anonymous (Anonymous Employee)

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