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18 April 2020

What is the salary like at Yoobic?


Made some genuine friendships at the company.


Let's start with the basics. YOOBIC has almost no provisions for employee welfare. They only provide statutory sick pay, with no provisions for parental or compassionate leave beyond the statutory requirement. Employee welfare falls right at the bottom of their list of priorities. There is no work from home policy. Their 'flexible working' policy discourages working from home and even then most of the conditions are at managerial discretion. They provide private healthcare, but it is so basic and unintuitive that most people don't bother using it. The working hours are long (9-6.30) and there is a culture of disapproval surrounding missing work for doctors appointments etc (employees have been known to skip this because client meetings have been considered more important). There is no policy for holidays given in lieu of working weekends (which happened from time to time). Employees are valued according to their revenue-generating ability, with sales at the top, and there is clear favouritism. Senior management have created a toxic work environment that promotes a culture of fear around them. There is a monthly Town Hall, during which employees are theoretically able to ask questions, but they will actively avoid awkward/difficult questions (e.g. about budget, employee benefits, company culture) live on video if they doesn't feel like answering. Senior management practise a 'do as I say, not as I do' approach, particularly with regard to the company values, one of which happens to be 'no ego'. Communication style with employees is intimidating and often quite rude. Senior management are quick to take credit when projects go well, and quick to shrug off responsibility when they do not. Communication with employees as a whole is beyond poor. There is a monthly survey that gets sent out to all employees, but it is not sufficiently anonymised for employees to feel comfortable giving honest feedback. This almost doesn't matter, however, as senior management once again pick and choose which feedback to address during whole-company meetings, again avoiding challenging/difficult topics. General feeling among employees as a whole is one of being ignored and made to feel irrelevant. During my time at YOOBIC, there was a significant reduction in budget allocated to company events and culture. Not a problem in itself, but this happened in the wake of an enormous company ski trip, and was not communicated at all. The lack of transparency and unspoken vibe from management suggested that we should all be unquestioningly grateful for the ski trip and not question why budget was being shrunk. Approximately 80% of employees are French. This, of course, is not in itself a problem. What is problematic is that even outside the Paris office, French was the main language spoken in the offices, even when in the presence of non-French speakers and when discussing client projects. This was incredibly disrespectful and exclusive and senior management never made any effort to discourage this. Middle management tended to be nicer, but were often young and inexperienced. Many could definitely do with attending some management training courses! In general, on-boarding was patchy and training for new employees was often insufficient. New starters often felt overwhelmed and unsupported. Salaries generally speaking are low, and during my whole time, there was never once the opportunity to constructively discuss salary rises. There is no clear progression within the company, and a clear sense that favourites will do well while others will not. Really would not recommend this as a place to work.

Advice to Management

Take serious, non-superficial steps to revamp the company culture, with a focus on genuine employee welfare.

Salaries generally speaking are low, and during my whole time, there was never once the opportunity to constructively discuss salary rises.

18 April 2020

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