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realTime Recruitment has a Senior Management rating of 4.7, and Declan McNiff, the CEO of realTime Recruitment, has an approval rating of 91% across the organisation.

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20 June 2019

How are senior leaders perceived at realTime Recruitment?


Team leaders (not CEO's) are very professional and give you autonomy. You get an hour lunch and a 15 minute break. Pay isn't bad.


Severe micromanagement from CEO's. They are looking over your shoulder every day. It grates very quickly. Training was unpleasant to say the least. They have you stand up in front of everyone (20 or so employee's in an open plan office) and make a phone call. The person you are phoning is one of the CEO's who is sitting in a separate board room. He acts like a very irate candidate and is very rude to you. In many years of recruitment since leaving Realtime I am yet to deal with a candidate as unpleasant as that. When you finally get that call over with, he then brings you in to the board room to tell you how you did everything wrong. Many more things I could rant on about but I will just sum it up as a very horrible working environment.

Advice to Management

Treat your staff like human beings. You hired them because you saw potential. Try giving them the benefit of the doubt and allow for some autonomy. People work better when they don't have someone breathing down their neck.

The person you are phoning is one of the CEO's who is sitting in a separate board room.

20 June 2019

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