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Molecular Biologist-Biochemist Interview

"Tell me what do you know about a DNA preparation"


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I have worked in molecular biology for a long time, and I could be talking about DNA preparation methods for a long time (extraction, purification, shearing, amplification...), so I asked for some clarification. What do you mean by DNA preparation, can you be more specific? Preparation in which context? Do you mean preparation from samples (i.e. purification) or to perform other techniques (i.e. RT, or shearing, or anything...)? To my puzzlement, the answer was repeatedly ´just tell me what you know´. Very strange. I have had other phone interviews and the recruiter directed the questions to know about me, and to extract the information to properly assess my skills and critical thinking. In this case, though, I felt that there was no communication and a week later I was notified that they were not continuing with my application.
All in all, friendly and polite, but I do not understand how they did the skill assessment. The interviewer said he would get in touch with the molecular biology experts to perhaps arrange another interview. That said, it was just a first skype interview screen and I did not get feedback, so I do not know which was the reason for the rejection, whether just personal match, skills or gut impression.
I wish them all the best though, since the technology sounds exciting, with a clear niche and full of possibilities.

Interview Candidate on 19 Jul 2016

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