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After first round, which mostly had questions based on percentage, profit-loss, speeds & distance, the second round basically involved around behavioral aspect- checking your communication skills plus motivation level by HR. Questions such as : What is the one thing in life that you regret/boast of? How would you rate yourself? etc. there was a ppt presentation involved which was basically aimed at checking your communication plus presentation/felicitation skills. third round had Guesstimate questions (started with very simple ones, and ended on moderately tough ones). again check of communication skills, speaking about job prospects, Why leave previous company, etc. basically a rewind of second round plus some puzzles here and there.

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After first round, which was tougher than most other online tests, I aced the second round, since the interviewer was very happy with my speaking skills, good session with an IIM passout HR, loved every bit of it and felt confident. Interview with CEO - 3rd round was easy going too. I could answer all guesstimates, one question he threw a hint, which i could grasp quickly. Talks about job roles followed, got a very positive feedback from him after around 30 mins of interview. He explained to me the role, the career ladder ahead, and asks from the job, which i listened attentively. They didnt announce the result instantly and a lady informed me to wait for a mail(which never came). On my enquiry after around 4 days, she said I didnt suit the profile(????????) This reply came after I had such a positive interview experience. I asked her why was I not told this earlier and how could they not give even one single negative feedback(by HR or CEO), during or post interview, to which she replied vaguely. If she had told me that they got someone better, with better experience I could have agreed, but taking all the process till culmination and then doing the cutoff seemed bad and unhealthy.

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what was the guesstimate question for which he threw a hint?

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