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Can you say: "Peter Pepper Picked a Pickled Pepper" and cross-sell a washing machine at the same time?


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This washing machine is so fast that by the time you say "Peter Pepper Picked a Pickled Pepper' your clothes will be clean!

Mariana on

Although I am clearly qualified to multi-task, I would be doing my client a disservice by providing them with alliteration when they would seem to be more interested in the features and benefits of a potential product.

Emiri on

Depends, what's the washing machine buying?

Bob on

I checked out your company Web site before the interview and did not see that you sold washers. (in a very dead pan tone of voice)

Louis on

First, it is actually "Peter Piper picked a PECK OF pickled peppers." Next, you can't pick pickled peppers. You must pick the peppers first, THEN you pickle them. So more accurately, you could say that "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickling peppers." But, I suppose if Peter Piper picked some pickled peppers from a pile of pickled peppers on a table or from a pepper pot packed with peppers, then he would be picking the pickled peppers. The trick of the question is the assumption they are being picked from a vine, rather from a vendor's cart. As for how many… a peck is 8 quarts, and many people will "can" their pickles in quart jars, so fully depending on the size of your pickle (no snickering), just take a jar-full and multiply it by 8. In short, if Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers (from a vendors cart), he would have picked 8 jars of pickles. Probably stocking up for a long winter.

Glen on

Doing that doesn't really seem very appropriate.

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

No, I am not a washing machine salesmen.

Alan on

If you have a washing machined called a "Pickled Pepper" then I'm sure I could convince a customer to buy one based on Peter Piper's recent purchase.

Rich on

Yes of course. The washing machine probably doesn't actually need a cross, but after I impress it with my fancy allieration skills, I'm sure I can close the sale!

Jim on

Will I be selling washing machines will on break?

Shane on

Great answer Mariana!

Xenia on

Aye: 'Peter Pepper Picked a Pickled Pepper. Pickled Pepper plucked from Peter's pocket by picky pickpocket punkster. Stir stirred punkster stained his short sleeved sweaty shirt. Whiz washing machine winds up this nonsense wryly'

Paul Tudor Oprea on

Yep! Twist tongue till makes my job done.

CC on

I thought it was marketing question, when I saw it was for call center job.. now I understand how tough a call center job is or a PROs job... but why cross selling!

pp on

I may not now forget master card.. this advt. caught my eyes.. MasterCard – Why Work for Us? NOT JUST SHAPING THE FUTURE. CHANGING IT. Here at MasterCard, we work at the heart of commerce. While our people around the world may be engaged in any number of interesting and exciting projects.... I love marketing people but I hate their lies!

pp on

Can you repeat that question?

really on


Anon on

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