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Junior Digital Analyst Interview


McKinsey & Company

Code Pair: Initially on a notepad only one character 'A' is present. You can perform two operations on this notepad for each step: Copy All and Paste. Given a number n. You have to get exactly n 'A' on the notepad by performing the minimum number of steps permitted. Output the minimum number of steps to get n 'A'. Questions on OS, DBMS, Networking were also asked in this round. 1st technical interview had only one programming question which was to write a program to convert string to int. SQL and programming language knowledge was thoroughly tested in this round. Projects were also discussed. Case interview: A case study was given which had to be discussed with the interviewer. Questions on previous experience, team conflicts, etc were also asked. 2nd Technical Round: Projects were thoroughly discussed. Design an online voting system application. HR Round: Typical HR round questions

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