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Scientist/Engineer 'SC' Interview New Delhi (India)

How do you design a pipeline (to a distant village)? Main

  factors u take care? u would go for laminar or turbulent flow

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Interview Candidate on 25 Aug 2013

I think turbulent is the answer,Because of more volume flow rate of water

karthiklukka on 3 Jan 2014

First of all, Turbulence is taken into account as the velocity of flow is higher (Reynold's no. increases).

Now, the factors are :

How much long the pipeline must be?

Friction Loss

No. of Bends

and Power required to send it to the datum position.

VIshal on 6 Oct 2016

For design of pipeline we would need to consider the amount of frictional head loss. The flow will be turbulent nature . The dia of the pipe would be large enough to minimise head loss. Also we need to ensure that the roughness value of the pipe is minimum. Since water is not used all the time and closure of tap can lead to water hammer that situation should be addressed by gradual closure of valves within the pipeline. From the manufacturing feasibility we cannot have a continuous pipe. So we need to weld each segment of pipes.

Sourav De on 12 Apr 2019

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