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Placement In Prime Brokerage Interview London, England

How many golf balls would fit in this cubicle?


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Bombed on this question - wasn't expecting it and then fluffed the explanation. It was telling that he started the question by saying there is no right or wrong answer and commented after my answer that he thought ALOT more balls could fit in.

Interview Candidate on 4 Nov 2013

For future reference for potential interviewees:

Make the assumption that golf balls tesselate just as cubes do. Estimate the volume of that cube to be around 10cm^2 (=0.001m^2)

Look at the room, imagine multiple 1m rulers stood end on end to measure the width, height and depth of the room. E.g. 3m x 10m x 8m = 240m^2. Then just do the volume of the room divided by the volume of a single cube. = 240000 Golf Balls

Rajiv Dua on 17 Nov 2013

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