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Systems Administrator Interview London, England

I was asked a very vague question about a server going

  offline at 5pm on a Friday while everybody was preparing to go home for the weekend. What would I do.

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I went through all of the standard responses like check the application logs, check the system logs, if all looks good restart the appication etc.... However the interviewer kept asking me "ok, and what else" which eventually had me throwing up nonsensical responses like 'send the logs to the developers' which although might make sense after some triage but would definitely not be one of my initial reactions.

This question stood out particularly as it assumed some prior knowledge of their internal systems, processes and more importantly, what was expected of me.

Interview Candidate on 19 Mar 2017

Yeah they wanted you to say I'd escalate it to my line manager before he left the building.

Anonymous on 6 Oct 2018

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