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Edward Jones

In your past work have you found and error you had made and how did you fix it?

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I was the purchasing manager at a furniture store. I bought accessories for 11 stores. I filled it a purchase order innocent and ordered 1 truck load of side tables when I meant to order 1 pallet of side tables. I had purchased 11 containers or truck loads of side tables. We had over 2000 side tables to sale. First I took responsibility for my mistake. I quickly created a special in store promotion by creating a large display in the front of the stores. We price tables with a 20% discount and advertised a 2 day promotion. We had sold 70% of the tables by the end of the week. I then made notes in our computer purchasing program to inform other buyers , 1 quantity meat 1 container,

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I made a perchasing mistake and ordered 1 container of side tables when I meant to the order 1 pallet. I made notes in computer to alert other buyers. I created a in store side table sales promotion, by grouping together a sizable display. We marked tables 20% less. Sold all extra tables and still turned a profit. I took full responsibility for my mistake and worked out a solution for management to approve.

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Took responsibility for mistake. Corrected mistake. Created program to not allow mistake again. Sold extra merchandise as a promotional product. Company earned income from mistake.

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