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Digital Miniature Sculptor Interview

-Nottingham, England, England

Games Workshop

Interview comes after art test (I didn't get through to interview on any of the 3 occasions): Art Test: Please make a miniature out of the list of choices in the brief from our range of miniatures. It must fit our style etc. etc. You have a deadline of just less than a month. (mandatory ? to fix the error ?)


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Completed the art test and got an automated response for a no with generic feedback. Asked for more specific feedback for my next application to them because I still really wanted to work for them. A week later when I realised I spent a month's worth of time, and they couldn't give me 5 minuets to actually write a real human response and they never replied to my request for more feedback I started to give up with the company. Despite feeling this way, I applied to them again a month later for a lower level role (Trainee role) to show them my passion for working for them as a final make or break application and I didn't even get past the first application stage. I no longer wish to try for this company as this whole process has put a sour taste in my mouth for the company now. I am human, I am fully capable, my art test was strong and I'm still not perfect enough for their ENTRY LEVEL job which is ridiculous. I feel 3 times is more then fine to tell me to move on. I hope you reading this find more success then me in your application! I wish you good luck and if you do get rejected, try to remember this review and not invest too much of yourself if you get an art test. Put yourself first and the test second. :) Please I urge you not to apply more than 3 times if you have been rejected each time, I think it will take more of a toll on your own confidence then its worth!

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