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Business Analyst Interview Bengaluru (India)

Nothing was mentioned in the interview call letter about

  the selection process or total no of rounds to be conducted. Ironically we were not briefed about the same at the recruitment venue ie at Tech M office itself.

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First round started with a written test in which we were handed over a an answer cum question paper. This paper consisted of 20 MCQs all of them belonging to finance domain. There was not a single question related to Business Analysis(though they were looking for Business Analysts). If they were so much inclined towards finance side they should have gone for some CFA,FRM, people. Why waste time looking for a BA .

Once the recruiters were done with their 1st round, they kept us waiting for 2-3 hours. In the meantime they shortlisted few candidates but they kept them waiting too. After 1-2 hour they gain came back and rejected the candidates which they had shortlisted previously. This is how they plan and strategize their entire process.

This raises some serious questions on their section criteria and process.

1. Being clueless about what they are looking for:
 If they want to hire a candidate for a specific role, the selection process including the JDs should be aligned with the relevant roles and responsibilities itself. Just because if their organization is making HRs do the project management work , that doesn't mean that every organisation is doing the same. Even if they are doing the hiring panel should accordingly screen the candidates profiles depending upon their requirements. It would really help us save a lot of precious time.

2. Not conveying the right set of information during the entire selection process
The candidates must be briefed about at the entire selection process,rounds etc. It would really help us come with proper planning. Since in the interview call letter the interview timing was mentioned as 9am-2pm, we didn't foresee to spend our entire day if it all came with a surprise.

Interview Candidate on 14 Oct 2019

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