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Customer Service Representative Interview London, England

Run me through your CV? Why do you want to join Metro Bank

 ? Tell me what you know about Metro Bank What makes Metro Bank different from others? Competency based Questions: Give me an example of a time you exceeded a customers expectations. Give me an example of a situation you have been in where you have received a complaint. And then finally... Maths questions: Mostly simple questions such as %, X and -calculations. So.... 2% of 150, 5% of 200, 6X7 and 110-11

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Hi, I would like to ask what type of maths questions on the online assessment do they ask?
what are the five questions based on?
How can I prepare best for this?

Anonymous on 9 Aug 2015

how do you prepare for the online assessment?

Anonymous on 1 Sep 2016

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