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Product Strategist Interview London, England

Screening questions are asked to provide more info about

  you. However it's their way or the highway - you don't have a say on when you get to do the interviews. Very self absorbed recruiter.

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have you thought that the deadline is there for a reason? if you missed it, not the companies fault surely?

Anonymous on 20 Mar 2019

This isn't a deadline set after conversing with someone. I received an email saying they would like to interview me and to click on a link. I was then told by an automated scheduling software that I had until midnight Sunday to complete the interview. The interview was scheduled for the weekend which is when my energy is focused on looking after an ill family member. Additionally the message on the link says to let the recruiter know if you need to keep the link open for longer. Which i did but never heard back.

If i had agreed on a set time and date and had missed the interview then yes it would have been my fault. I get that start ups that are scaling are very busy but it doesn't hurt to treat people with respect rather than pushing the blame on to them.

Reply on 20 Mar 2019

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