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Trainee Pharmacy Advisor Interview

-Newcastle upon Tyne, England, England


The online personality questions Given x situation what is the best and worst response out of 4 options e.g. a man comes in and asks for dressing for a wound on his back. He says he's struggling to dress the area himself what do you do... , show your sympathy and ask if he has friends or family who can help and help him, explain that staff ate available to help with redressings, quickly help he redress the wound, ask if he'd like to go to the private consultation room where you can redress the wound for him.

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Interveiw questions how do you motivate a team? explain a time where you've taken on criticism and done something about it? What's your 5 year plan?

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I have just come across this question and have no idea what to put. This is not a service they provide and as it involves in someone undressing and we are not doctors, my gut tells me that offering to help him is a definite no, especially in private with no chaperone! However I’d hate to answer it wrongly if they are expecting us to answer from a place of kindness. I really have no idea! What did others answer for this? I’m really stuck .

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