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What would you do if you presented products/services, client was very interested, had no further questions, price was right, and still they did not sign a contract.

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i would assure them that this is a risk free product and services or implement a free trail

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Contracts can be scary because it feels like signing off on a promise for the unknown. Instead of asking why (comes off as offensive/aggressive/negative), asking what their concerns are would be a positive way to address their fears. From there they would be able to have any negatives addressed that may lead to signing. If they still do not sign, then they may just need to talk it over with someone else (spouse, family member, friend) or they need to sleep on it. If they do not sign due to these reasons, then schedule a followup time to call and discuss. Even after addressing their concerns, letting them sleep on it, and letting them talk to their spouse; then you most likely should let them go and ask them to follow up with you when they are ready for these reasons: 1. Any further extensive followup initiated by you would be cost more time when you could be seeking other clients or studying more on how to help your current clients 2. They are misleading with their interests. Meaning even if you did sign them up, the client would need heavy maintenance because they are afraid of following through with the service. Since they are afraid to that extent, that fear would need more continuous support to ease the client’s mind. 3. Continuous followup will come off as a pushy salesman. The pushy salesman vibe comes off as only concerned about the salesman’s money and not the client (Why do you need this sale so badly). 4. Lastly, peaceful manner is encouragement to the client to do the same for theirselves. Practicing what you preach and leading by example.

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why would you ask why when they were fully satified with the product and services and the price.

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Ask why.

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