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Phlebotomist Interview


AdventHealth Corporate

Why would you want to work here? Name a situation in the past where a problem occurred and how you ha feels it? Are you available to work on holidays and weekends?

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it is a goodplace to work and develop a bright career with this organization.problem occur when a coworker called in and i manato to work for that person.yes i am available to work any holiday and any weekends as the department needs

sarwath rasheed on


i have got about 32years of experience and i have worked at different hospitals and nursing homes

please allow me to work here as i have got a great experience in adults,infants and elderly patient on


i would like to help my patients amuchas i can and provide them great customer service.i am a very type of person and and get along very well with the staff and coworkers.

sarwath rasheed on


i am a certified phlebotomist and i would like to show my skills to my patients efficiently

sarwath rasheed on

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