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You and I are sitting at a round table, playing a game of

  coin. By turns we put down a coin on the table until the table is full. The first person who cannot put down another coin has lost. Do you want to put down the first or the second coin?
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First coin - it should be put in the middle. Then no matter where the other person will put his coin, you will put it exactly oppersite - this means, if the other person can put down a coin, you will be able to do so as well. Meaning that the first person not being able to put down a coin will be person number two.

This also applies for squared tables.

This is called 'Symmetric something'... Cant remember.

Interview Candidate on 19 Nov 2010

symmetry in convexity. or in plain english...

marty holah on 13 Jun 2011

The person who cannot put down a coin can then put it in his/ her pocket, so they win in reality

Anonymous on 17 Apr 2019

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