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US Equities Portfolio Management Summer Analyst Interview

-New York, NY

J.P. Morgan

You have 100 quarters, 10 heads, 90 tails up in a dark room where you can't see the quarters. How do you divide them into 2 piles where you have an even amount of heads in each pile?

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Simply double-count that you have 50 quarters in each pile because the interviewer did not specify "heads up", they simply asked that you ensure that you have an equal number of heads in each pile, which you most assuredly will...You're welcome America(in Stewie Griffin accent).

Nathaniel on


Take the 90 quarters that are tails and split them into two piles, 45 in each. Then take 5 heads and place into each stack, and you'll have an equal amount of heads in each stack.

Edwin on


It is simple you only have 10 heads in front of you because 90 tails are in a darker room which you can't see. So make a pile of 5-5 of heads.

Rikin Patel on


randomly split the 100 quarters into two equal piles, 50 quarters per pile. Because of probability, that'll get you fairly close to an even amount of heads in each pile

vince on


Split the 100 quarters into two piles of 90 and 10 coins respectively. Flip all the coins in the pile with 10 coins.

Leon van Wyk on

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