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Field sales executive Interview Questions in Aberdeen, Scotland


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At the start of the one to one interview I was asked to assemble a valve (within a time limit of a few minutes) based on a technical drawing and a box of components which were presented to me.

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I was unsuccessful in assembling the valve completely but he appeared to be assessing the way I approached the problem rather than the specific outcome. I assorted the components into groups based on whether they were fasteners or tools or unique components and took my time pausing to understand and attempt to solve the problem.

How long did it take before you heard back?

Hi, thanks for having shared your experience with Schlumberger. My name is Tiemile and I am interested in working with Schlumberger. I would like to know what kind of valve (butterfly, ball, etc.) did you assemble.

Give me an example of when you've been shouted at or told off by a customer or coworker who wasnt happy with your work

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What research have i done into the role & company? Could I put together a pressure regulator valve (practical task)? When can i start?

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What is this and how would you put it together?

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Tell me about yourself.

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The psychometric tests were unexpected.

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each candidate had to assemble a diaphragm valve (for gas) within 5 minutes with parts missing. Its important to remain calm at this stage and not to be thrown off. If you do not assemble it within the allocated time, talk about what you would have done to complete the valve. You are provided a cross sectional drawing and not an exploded diagram. They later asked the usual HR questions and what product line interests you the most.

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An example of an engineering problem you had to solve.

Q: Tell me a time you demonstrated leadership

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