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what would you do if your team leader gave you some work at 4pm with a 5pm deadline and another team leader also gave you some work

3 Answers

Do your Team Leaders work. The other Team Leader should have met with your Team Leader if they wanted any work to be done not gone straight to you.

Prioritise - the job with the 5pm deadline needs to be completed

The pieces of work both take 1 hour each and are both equally as important. That was part of the question

What 3 qualities do you need to possess to be successful at this job?

1 Answer

Where do you work now?

1 Answer

how do you motivate yourself to stay on task and complete your daily goals (might not be the exact wording)

1 Answer

Can you give us an example of a time when you have had to hit targets

1 Answer

Tell us what you know about the company?

1 Answer

Biggest change

1 Answer

What was the most difficult complaint you had dealt with

1 Answer

Only if you are eligible to work in the Uk and can prove as such.

1 Answer

What celebrity inspires you?

1 Answer
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