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Would I be willing to do anything they asked without questioning it? Would I sack all of my staff if told to?

11 Answers

Basic interview question! You answer no for 1st and yes for second. I guess you were not selected and jobless.

I guess that response was from the employer. It says more about the company than any review could. Great job on reiterating the point made in the review.

Wrong again, employee

how do you prioritize when there's no prioritization possible

7 Answers

Why would you be a good fit for dealogic

4 Answers

What is a potential challenge faced with he SystemOne product?

3 Answers

How is your typical day at work?

3 Answers

perception of the people offfice and work culture

3 Answers

Run me through your CV? Why do you want to join Metro Bank? Tell me what you know about Metro Bank What makes Metro Bank different from others? Competency based Questions: Give me an example of a time you exceeded a customers expectations. Give me an example of a situation you have been in where you have received a complaint. And then finally... Maths questions: Mostly simple questions such as %, X and -calculations. So.... 2% of 150, 5% of 200, 6X7 and 110-11

2 Answers

What stresses you out and how do you deal with it?

2 Answers

Average, basic questions - quite role specific. Would like you to know 'a day in the life of' (there's information on their website) and the very specific details.

2 Answers

What Call Centre Experience do you have?

2 Answers
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