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On the spot analysis of particularly case study issues at technical interview. Think outside the box and not only the financial factors! At assessment you are given loads of planning time so don't worry too much! :)

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Hi, I have an AC next week. Can you please give me an overview of AC and activities for the day? Thanks

You will have three activities in total. Two group activities and one individual. All will be related to what BP does and what you may well be doing. They will most likely assess what your thought process is and how you interact with your group. The technical content is not so important to them I believe. I would just say remain confident, think all your suggestions through properly and contribute!

Hi I have a technical interview in two days. Any advice or tips esp when it comes to accounting reporting and control?

If you were to be re-incarnated as an animal what type would you be and why

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How would you work under pressure?

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What are your weaknesses

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Asked about the production process

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What would a UK-based company have to think about when expanding into new markets? Followed by: Name a UK-based company that i currently trying to expand

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First interview went very well but was very technical. I guess the interviewer wanted to make sure I knew my stuff. 2nd Interview overall was very difficult .

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One of the core values of the company is integrity, How would this affect the way you work?

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Can you give an example of when you created a cost?

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Why you applied for this position

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